Atiku Abubakar Releases Presidential Campain Policy Document; Promises To Get Nigeria Working Again.


Nine things we learnt from the document below:

▪️To transform Nigeria’s economy to stand in the top 20 of the world

▪️ Focus on youth: Launch a new, more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable national Entrepreneurship Development and Job Creation Programme; target the creation of up to 3 million self and wage-paying employment opportunities in the private sector annually.

▪️ Lift 50 million fellow Nigerians out of extreme poverty by 2025 : Provide skill acquisition opportunities and enterprise development for job and wealth creation, rather than direct cash distribution. Improve citizens’ access to basic infrastructure services – water, sanitation, power, education and health care; remove all forms of discrimination.

▪️ A deliberate effort to increase access to electricity for Nigerians including those living in rural areas

▪️ Guarantee the highest level of social empowerment

▪️ Enhance cosmopolitan politics and an all-inclusive governance


▪️ Emphasis on prevention of corruption

▪️ Promote the oil and gas sector: Partial Privatization of the NNPC.

ruth Editor
ruth Editor
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